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Thread: The Land of Mordor

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    Default The Land of Mordor

    In June a group of us from Expo took a trip to the Land of Mordor. I was in my 4Runner. It was a great four days. The trip report and photos of the are on my blog. Some of you may find it interesting.
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    Very interesting trip report and an enjoyable read. So much geology to learn about places so near to where we live that we don't find time to explore. We pulled into Craters of the Moon several years ago, stopped for all of a half-hour, saw lava flows spread out for miles, asked a few questions and departed. That was when I was young and too busy to care about such things, plus we had 2 nagging kids who were not impressed in the least.

    Well, now is now, and I wish I had spent more time exploring while we were there. Chances are I will never make it back so it is a real pleasure reading about your experience, first hand. Thank you.

    Great report...keep them coming!
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