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Thread: Tired of Winter

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    Default Tired of Winter

    We are REALLY getting tired of winter here in Yakima. It seems like it has been snowing every day forever. Not much snow falls at a time, but the gray clouds are pretty darned gloomy. Where's the sun???

    Maybe we should trade in our 4x4's, SUV's and PU's for snowmobiles??? When we took that Montana Ghost Town Tour with this group several years ago we hit it just at the end of winter. Folks in some of those smaller Montana towns were still running around the streets on their quads (ATV's) with canvas canopies and side curtains. Maybe that's the way to go around here!

    Well, just thought I'd say how it is over here in the Palm Springs of Washington.

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    That's one reason why I live on the west side. We picked up 13" of snow yesterday and last night, I've lived here since 87 and don't remember ever having this much snow at once. The good thing is most of it will be gone by the weekend if the rain and warmer weather shows up. My boss lives in Ellensburg and has right at 2' of compacted snow in his yard, and hasn't seen his grass since before Thanksgiving. I would imagine you are probably in the same boat.
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    What Jerry said is true for us too. This is the first year we are sick and tires of being cold, wet, and snowed on. Am headed to Death Valley in mid March and wish it was sooner.

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