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Thread: molle gear for your rig

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    Default molle gear for your rig

    Mollegear; Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment

    I have been looking into the possibility of doing a molle seat back or seat cover for our jeep. Molle is an attachment system designed and in use by our military to allow soldiers to have a way to carry gear via various pouches on packs. This system has been modified to many different applications. Smittybilt has a system for seat covers that are covered in molle strapping. The links below will give an idea of the concept. It will accept military pouches, Condor pouches etc. the possibilities are limited only by your own imagination! Pouches compatible are available on ebay, amazon surplus stores etc. My own ideas include a first aid kit, fire kit, a sustainment pouch with food for a cpl days. maybe even knife sheath, revolver holster, water bottle etc etc.

    Now the $64 dollar question! How would YOU use a system like this in your off road exploration, camping vehicle? My own idea is to make or buy a panel fit to the back of my Jeep seats with molle system. Then put various pouches to hold gear i deem necessary. It would be attached so it will be easily removable so it doesn't need to be left in the vehicle all the time.

    Think about it my friends, think about what you would use it for and what you might put in it! Lets make this thread into an ongoing place to share ideas about this!
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    I LIKE it! Where was this stuff a few years ago? Great for backroads, off-road and daily driving. Do they come in super soft English leather for my Rolls Royce? Well, forget it - I don't have a Rolls Royce. Excellent info!
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