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    Default Pavement All the Way

    It was all pavement, but at least we got away for a few days. We drove the Ford Escape from Yakima to Bonners Ferry, Idaho where we spent Sunday night after a VERY LONG day behind the wheel. Between Evelyn, me and the dog we had to stop often and for a variety of reasons.

    The next morning we drove up to Yaak, Montana. Yaak, is just south of the Canadian border, surrounded by National Forest and is a place several of my snowmobiling friends talk about having visited in the dead of winter. Nothing there except for three saloons...I wonder why? Anyway, we drove up one road and back on another, the second was an oiled Forest Service road with potholes. Geez, the distances between towns over there are a L-O-N-G way.

    After spending Monday night in Kalispell we drove down the east side of Flathead Lake and continued on to Missoula. I was considering taking the road over the mountains from St. Regis to Avery, Idaho and maybe down to Headquarters the next day, but considering the need for frequent stops by all three(?) of us and the lack of facilities via the mountain route, I made a wiser choice and took the freeway. That meant that we would be home one day sooner than originally planned. But, that was okay because we were tired.

    It was short and fast, but we did get to see some snow on the mountain tops and some beautiful scenery.
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    Sounds like it was a really good trip. In my humble opinion, it doesn't mater if it's on pavement or hard core jeep trail as long as you get out and go.
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