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Thread: Little Bald Mtn. via Greens Pass

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    Default Little Bald Mtn. via Greens Pass

    Headed out over Greens Pass yesterday. Have been under the weather with bronchitis that turned into a small case of pneumonia. By yesterday I had enough and was feeling pretty good to off we went. Didn't really have a destination in mind, but Jessica (our kid) wanted to see if the Huckleberry's were ready. With somewhat of a destination in mind we headed for Greens Pass. No surprise the Huckleberry's were still a little ways from being ready, but to her credit we were picking them this time last year because of the warm weather. From there we dropped into the Naches and made out way to Whistling Jacks for some snacks and a soda. We haven't spent to much time East of Hwy 410 so we decided to do some exploring. I have been to Little Bald Mtn before, but its been a few years. So we worked our way up the 1706, exploring some side roads as we went. The view from Little Bald Mtn was great. Jessie "found" a trail that headed of to who knows where and wanted to go exploring. We made our way along the trail for just a little bit. After reminding her what goes down must go back up to the truck we decided we were done exploring the trail. By then it was starting to get late and with no camping gear decided to make our way back. We took the 1709 down to Hwy 410 and from there made our way home over Chinook Pass. I forgot my main camera at home so I only got a few pictures with my cell phone.

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    Nice day trip and you were right in our back yard.
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