If you are interested in meeting some of the folks from the NW Country Cousins Net (nightly from 7:00 to 9:00 on 3.968 MHz) they are having their annual picnic at the Ryderwood, WA city park from August 10th to 14th. The main times are Friday evening and all day Saturday.

We are heading over on Friday and home on Sunday so if any of you guys, especially those of you who live close, can make it we would enjoy meeting you. No time to explore back roads, but always enough time to kick tires. I expect we will drive Evelyn's Ford Escape equipped with a 706MKIIG and Ham Stick style antennas, but might bring our backroads F150 if I get around to washing it.

Ryderwood is located south of Chehalis and north of Castle Rock on the west side of I-5. Take Hwy 506 through Vader and on to Ryderwood. The picnic is open to guests and is a potluck so bring a dish or other goodies as well as enough lawn chairs for your crowd.