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Thread: Aux electrical system question

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    Default Aux electrical system question

    Our vehicle's computer shuts down the electrical system ~20 minutes after the engine is turned off. The main battery is not readily accessible as it is under the driverís seat. Hooked our 90w solar panel to the jumper terminals in the engine bay which worked with-in the 20 minute period. Our ARB fridge also worked fine for the 20 minute period.
    We are getting a pig tail off the main battery to operate our winch.
    Would like to hook up the solar panel to the main battery pig-tail but this would confuse the computer that wants to see the same charge state or less as when the car was turned off.

    Considering two solutions, would like opinions or other suggestions.
    End game intent is to power the winch, keep the fridge cold, charge electronics, and jump start the car when needed. We would have proper gauge wire and a marine switch to connect the aux battery to the main battery.

    1) get a National Luna type battery case
    this is heavy and would take a lot of room
    use AGM battery Yellow-top or Red-top?

    2) fill a Pelican case with lithium-ion batteries
    Smaller footprint and weight
    not sure what type or how many
    not sure how well this would play when connected to the carís main battery

    Thanks for any help and suggestions!

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    Not that good with electrical systems, but I would look to see if the computer starting to go bad and needs replaced. Or if something is putting a load on the system and the computer go's into a fail safe mode. I would avoid option 2. Lithium-ion batteries are small, light weight, and make good power, but they can also get extremely hot. Especial when packed together and in a non vented case. Just my two cents. I am sure there are others with more knowledge on this than me that may be of more help.
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    Not an auto electrician but I highly recommend Odyssey AGM batteries. If the computer is still confused then the second battery option. And yeah - Lithium-ion batteries can be a fire hazard.

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