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Thread: just saying hi to old friends again

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    Default just saying hi to old friends again

    Howdy all our old friends! Its been a while since we have been here. Took two weeks through tri cities to N E Oregon, east into Idaho around brownlee reservoir up to Lewiston then up Clearwater River to the Locsaw river where we camped for 8 days. then home through Washington to Sedro Woolley n home. Had great time. Jerry I hate to post here but here we go. You know area code. 3958759 We are planning a trip over north cascades then all back roads south all the way to Natchees then over Natchees trail to Enumclaw home up freeway to home. Probably plan a week trip. Camp along the way.
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    That was a neat trip, plenty of varied scenery, probably varied weather as well. Sounds like you guys had fun! Lot's of miles as well. Your plans for the next trip sound really great. I wish I could tag along! This may not be the best place to put this, but your camping trip at Lolo Pass reminded me of one we did back when.

    Many, no...many, many years ago, when our 50-something kids were still kids, we lived in Meridian, Idaho. Upon the advice of friends who told us the Lochsa River was the place to camp we loaded up our old pickup bed trailer equipped with a steel canopy and un-sprung 4x4 wood axle, hopped in our '68 Mercury and headed north thru McCall, Grangeville and on to Hwy 12 and the Lochsa River for our summer vacation camping trip.

    It was hotter than a pistol that time of year and we were looking forward to setting up our tent in some shade next to the river. Well, that was not to be. When we reached the river the surrounding forest had been burned. It was ugly. It was an old burn because the standing trees were all gray from weathering. But, we were there, the kids were restless and so were us "adults". We found a camp ground (away from the river) with little shade, plenty of green bushes and a charcoal ground cover. It was nasty and we didn't realize just how bad it was until we set up the tent, played around a bit in the camp ground and slowly turned black from the charcoal.

    Well, I was disgusted...mad...angry...whatever, and so was everyone else. So I made an executive decision, uprooted the tent and threw it and the rest of the camping gear into the trailer, invited everyone into the air-conditioned car and made it to Lewiston just after dark in search of an affordable air-conditioned motel. Nope, didn't find one, but did find an old motel we could afford with a carpeted floor, soft beds and a shower. We left Idaho the next morning and finished our vacation in the Puget Sound area where it was cooler.

    The last time we drove up Hwy 12, probably 6 or 7 years ago, I saw no evidence of the burn. I tried to recall the location of that campground, but could not. Too many years had gone by, but it was not too far from the Lochsa and Selway confluence.
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