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Howdy Jerry!!!!! Mark here. Long time no chat! ill try n find your phone this weekend n give a shout, If you can find mine give me a ring. Lots under the bridge since last chat. still have green heep here. did lower Idaho pan handle last june. Plan next summer to do back roads from Winthrop to Natchees n over trail to Auburn n home. Week maybe.
Hi Mark. Since your post above we talked on the phone and I surely enjoyed our conversation. Time is always short and we could have continued talking for much longer. Just like a couple of old women! My apologies to any old women who might be reading this.

Anyway, I hope you stay in touch by phone, email and, of course, posting any of your trips to the forum. Rich & Jan in Aloha and ourselves are talking about doing a winter day trip in the Columbia Gorge - more on that later. It's difficult coming up with backroad tours this time of year.

Take care and give us a call anytime!