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Thread: Immediate Call Sign Assignment

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    Default Immediate Call Sign Assignment

    Well, immediate as compared to the time it takes around here, 'taint fair, here's what happened to a CQ Amateur Radio Magazine Associate Editor and others in his Tech Class exam session.

    According to an article in the magazine, their Associate Editor was attending Ham-Com (ham convention) in Texas where he took his Technician Class exam. Because of the 'heads up' action of the VEC group the test results were filed immediately and everyone who passed, including the editor, knew their call sign before leaving the show!

    Please follow my disciplined example and keep the cussing to a minimum as we remember that local VE's are volunteers and who knows about the rest of the process?
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    I thought the examiners used to mail in the test results which meant there was time for the postal service to deliver it and then someone in the FCC who had to open the mail and enter the data after the examiners got around to sending it in.

    It sounds like the FCC must have a system in place now where the filing is done electronically without any human involvement which would really speed up the process. Examiners may be able to log into the FCC licensing system, enter the data directly and get the call sign immediately which would make sense. Unless they had some sort of special arrangement for this event, maybe the only delay now will be how fast the examiners get onto the system and make the entry.
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    I'm a little late to the game with this post, but what the H@$#!!!! Me and everyone else had to wait six years and a day (OK that might be exaggerating a little) to get there call sign's.
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