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Thread: Time for an update

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    Default Time for an update

    Been away for a while and have kind of lost track of some sites. I've got another Jeep....can't seem to stay away from them.

    It now has an 8274 on the front and am installing my 2M radio today....

    I used a piece of double row heavy duty shelf mount for the cross piece. Seems to work OK and will be a much cleaner install after I get to the hardware store and buy some hose clamps to replace the tie wraps.

    I also have a new Uniden 520 inbound to install for those times when others don't have a ham radio.

    So far, other than a new top and a set of spacers to level the front end after the winch install, I've not had to do anything to it other than drive it. Plans are to do some touring this summer.

    Also, on a side note, we have new digs just west of Benton City.

    This was taken from up the hill above our place.

    And this was taken on top of the hill above our place....

    I don't know why we didn't move out here 30 years ago.....

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    Hutch, Well, Well. Sorry I am late to congratulate you. But this one might I dare say it looks like a keeper... (Holding my breath though, you understand we speak 4x4's a lot) ;-)

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    Hey...HUTCH! There you are! Where have you been? Hope you are feeling better now that you have taken another cure-everything-that-hurts Jeep pill. And staying busy with the new Jeep by installing a winch and your 2m radio! Give me a call some day and we can go exploring - weekdays are fine.

    PS Nice photos, nice view
    Reading and Riding Northwest Backroads

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