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    Buhl, ID (about 18 miles west of Twin Falls)

    Default From Idaho

    My greatest enjoyment is back road adventures ... over the hill, around the next bend ... I never want to quit. So, maybe I will fit in here. Think?

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    nampa, idaho


    Welcome aboard. I am in Nampa. A couple of us are working with a group "Oregon trail offroad". We are locating the Alternate Oregon Trail eastward from Ft. Boise ( Parma ) to East Idaho line. We have another member in Twin Falls. PM me and I'll give more details. Dig it ( aka chuck )

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    Welcome to the forum! We have done a little backroad driving in Idaho, some back in the 60's before Boise and the Idaho City area became so populated. We drove through Idaho City on our way south from Stanley about 5 years ago and I couldn't believe my eyes with all the houses that had been built on the hillsides.

    A couple of years ago we took a neat trip from Hell's Canyon up the Kleinschmidt Grade to Cuprum and various viewpoints then on to the north and south ends of the Seven Devils, over to Yellowpine via Cascade and Warm Lake and up to the Salmon River via Burgdorf Hot Springs and the French Creek Grade. Elk Summit between Yellowpine and Warren was closed due to snow so we drove over the crest at Lick Creek Summit to McCall and up the highway to Burgdorf. Lick Creek Summit Road was a neat drive.

    More recently we have driven the Owyhee Uplands Byway as well as BLM roads to Three Forks. Also the road from McDermitt via the "45 Ranch", 'Loneliest ranch in the United States', across the southern border of Idaho to Owyhee, NV. We also drove the road from Jarbidge, NV to Murphy Hot Springs, ID and Rogerson, ID (south of Buhl).

    Back in the 60's and early 70's we lived in Boise, Pocatello and Meridian and traveled many of the paved roads in Southern Idaho on business. We also did some fishing on the weekends so we have seen a lot of country and still have fond memories of Idaho. Not bad for a guy living in Yakima, Washington, huh?

    So, if you are still wondering if your obsession for exploring backroads will fit in, you bet!!!
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