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Thread: Hello from the Tacoma area!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toy Man View Post
    Uh Rupe:

    Did the date change??

    I thought it was the last full weekend in JUNE which on my calendar is TWO weeks from today. June 28th and 29th.

    It is the last Full weekend in June. I'm old and I wasn't awake. It is always the last Full weekend in June. . You city folks are just to rapped up in time! hahaha Ok it's retirement, I have no Idea what the date is today or what the dates fall on the last Full weekend of June. I just know when people show up at my place I'm suppose to do something, What that is is figures out what kind of vehicle they are driving.
    If it dirty it time for the run, if it's clean it must be for the Long Range Shooting fun day. Hahahaha

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