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Thread: Colockum and/or LT Murray this spring?

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    Default Colockum and/or LT Murray this spring?

    I've got some friends that have never been "off-road' per-se, but they have an interest. One has a 2011 Rubicon that I don't think has ever been off pavement, and the other guy's got a fullsize pickup and just wants a day off-asphalt with some good scenery and sun.

    I'd like to take them on a tour of Colockum Pass and/or LT Murray...I figure either will eat up a full day and provide enough fun.

    The issue is.... I have no idea where I'm going!!! Any good links to maps or resources that outline routes through this area would be extremely helpful. I understand much of LT Murray is "Green Dot" roads, so would also need a way to determine which roads are open or closed right now.

    ANy help is much appreciated...

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    I do not know if you can drive over Clockum Pass yet. The Clockum area is all green dot roads also. The best maps are the green dot map from WDFW.

    I may be in the Clockum area May 11.

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    All of the State of Washington Wildlife Recreation Areas should be open now, as of May 1st I think. I haven't been up there yet, but I would bet
    Colockum is still snow covered so if you go be prepared with tow straps and other retrieval gear. To enjoy that area you don't have to go all the way to the pass. You can start off in the Whiskey Dick WRA down by the Columbia River and enjoy the scenery as you climb in elevation from the WD through the Quilomene to the Colockum. Or stick with the Wenas and LT Murray WRA's, although snow might still linger at the higher elevations. Turning around isn't so bad, after all you haven't really seen a backroad until you travel it in both directions!

    All WRA roads are Green Dot controlled and free maps were available from the Department of Fish and Wildlife. With cutbacks and such you might have to download them now. Try calling the Ellensburg Office at (509) 925-6746 and they might still mail them to you.

    Also, something new. A Discover Pass is required for each vehicle entering state lands. Day use or annual permits are available at most sporting goods outlets.

    Check out and browse the following link to wherever it takes you...
    Wildlife Areas | Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

    PS When you get there don't be surprised to see the main roads show up on your GPS, i.e. the Colockum Road. Sometimes it is a big help.
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    You can also get some ideas by perusing some of the past threads here:

    L. T. Murray & Wenas Wildlife Area

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