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Thread: Places to Explore in 2013

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    Default Places to Explore in 2013

    Let's hear about places you would like to explore this year and feel free to comment on some of mine...

    Forks to Port Townsend
    FS roads east of Forks, Obstruction Peak at Hurricane Ridge, Port Townsend, Fort Warden, North Point area

    Harts Pass Side Roads
    Mining roads, Road to Canyon Creek

    Lolo Pass at Mt Hood
    Explore misc roads to and near Lolo Pass, follow the Barlow Road from Government Camp to Sandy

    Quilomene and Whiskey Dick Roads
    Drive short side roads, Explore old ranch buildings

    L.T. Murray Roads
    Drive side roads, check out the views

    Spokane Floods Tours
    More of the Wenatchee area, Channeled Scablands, Palouse Falls

    Follow the Cariboo Trail
    Points in Oregon to the Columbia River crossing, north through Washington to the Canadian border and perhaps north into BC

    Forests of the Forgotten Corner
    Drive in the trees for a change, Silver City south to the Owyhee River, Freemont National Forest near Lakeview

    Northern Idaho and Western Montana
    Paved, gravel and dirt roads, check out ghost towns, follow rivers and enjoy fantastic views west of the Rockies
    Reading and Riding Northwest Backroads

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    That's a good list, Jerry. I have the Lolo Pass area on my list too. I've traveled the road several times but it's usually at the end of a trip, with no time to explore.
    I also want to explore the Mount Defiance area south of Hood River, the Cochran area in the Tillamook State Forest, the southern Oregon Coast Range, Willamette National Forest in the Detroit area, OBDR #3 (that's already scheduled) I also really want to get out to Virtue Flat
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    I love it when lists like these get posted. Gives me great ideas for my own list.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
    Lolo Pass at Mt Hood
    Explore misc roads to and near Lolo Pass, follow the Barlow Road from Government Camp to Sandy
    Quote Originally Posted by nightfoam View Post
    I also want to explore the Mount Defiance area south of Hood River
    ^^^^ Sounds like those of us that know the area well need to setup a trip from Sandy, over Lolo, and toward Mt, Defiance.

    We could make it a multi-day trip by circling back and following the rest of the Barlow Road.

    This is my list, most are pretty specific. A lot of them are hike-in places.

    Places To Go

    Post Point Lookout(Bonney Mdws)
    Cast Lake, Dumbell lake, Burnt Lake, ZigZag West, ZigZag East
    Cascade Lakes Byway
    Surprise Lake (x2 Fish Creek Mtn. & Frog Lake)
    Shining Lake
    Olallie Butte
    Sisi Butte
    Canyon Creek Meadows/Three Fingered Jack
    Wind Lake(Tom Dick Mtn.)
    Devil's Peak Lookout(near Mt. Hood)
    Tipsoo Peak
    Wahe Falls(Columbia Gorge)
    Alvord Desert
    Steens Mtns
    Cowboy Dinner Tree
    Derrick Cave
    Wagontire Mtn.
    The Blowouts

    Anthony Lakes Ski Area
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    Mt. Defiance and Lolo Pass sounds great again and nearby Flag Point Lookout might be a nice addition too, for that area.

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    Its sounds like several years of great trips, unless you have a lot of time and money for gas on your hands.

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    Lolo has a few spurs to check out. There is one really cool one I know of that the MVUM says is open even though it's borderline Jeep trail. (Yet they marked nicely graded roads as closed.......) But that's become the problem with Lolo. They pretty much shut it down. The main way over and a few roads to campgrounds and trailheads is all that remains. The really interesting stuff is a no-no now. And they "expanded" the bull run watershed all the way to the west edge of the road last year for a good portion of it. This eliminated many interesting little powerline roads, some had really good views.
    That said it can still be a nice area to explore if you've not been and up FS16 that branches off of it I think has not been checked out much by me. Goes to the big lava flow eventually and a washed out bridge (so does the "Jeep trail road" they marked as open).
    These days it's just a way to avoid hwy35 for me when it's not snowed in.
    Mt. Defiance area still has plenty I've not been on. Gregg knows that area a bit better. There are marked class 2 trails there now if that's your thing, and going to the top is always fun.

    My list in addition to the ones that have become a yearly thing like CV, Slab, and such.

    I'd like to make it out to Virtue Flats. Never been and hear it's a fun place.

    More exploring around the Detroit area.

    I have this thing going on over a year now that I want to get to Skookum Lake, whether it's cool or not I just want to get there. I found the way, but was denied by a guard shack for logging this past summer. Then I think I found a way around the logging but it was getting late and I never continued on.

    I'd like to make it to the Bend area a little more. Very limited exploring around there for me.

    TSF/coast range. Always go for the trails or to the same spots. Need to change that.

    Last but not least a little more wandering in WA. Every year I make it for the Slab run, and that is about it. Need to just get a Discovery Pass, collect some maps and maybe I'll feel more like heading up on a whim.

    So that is probably only part of my list. There are other places and areas. And reality says I won't be able to do it all. Pretty sure Detroit area, Skookum, and coast range stuff can get dug into a bit though as they can be day trips or one nighters.
    I always make big plans and make a list every year. Then the always must do trips get factored in, the weekends I have to just stay home get factored in, other events get factored in (there are always concerts or nights Cynthia DJs that I have to go to). By the time I look at the calender I have like 4 free weekends and no funds to take care of the list with.
    Need to win the lotto, then everyday can be the weekend.

    And my biggest thing... I want to take Cynthia along more. I know she enjoys it the few times I've taken her out every year. And maybe it'll allow me more weekends to explore and camp if she gets in on some of them. Instead of the "You're always gone every weekend."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
    Let's hear about places you would like to explore this year and feel free to comment on some of mine...

    Forks to Port Townsend
    FS roads east of Forks, Obstruction Peak at Hurricane Ridge, Port Townsend, Fort Warden, North Point area

    I'm interested in exploring in this area.

    Is there anyone on the forum who has traveled down these FS roads?

    - Chris
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    Which roads are you wanting to know about specifically? I raft/fish that area, and am out there from time to time.

    My goals are generic; just get out more with the family. More overnight Klickitat trips (rafting). Maybe hit the lower Deschutes. Camp on the coast in the Summer. Hike the upper Queets.

    I guess I'm more of a 'use the cruiser to go to places, then explore' kinda guy.

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    x2 on the quilcene area. went palo alto road to quilcene on woods roads years ago, would like to explore there again.


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