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Thread: Winter survival tips

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    Default Winter survival tips

    Having the right knowledge can be a lifesaver...I have bivy'd more than once in extreme conditions and done two mtn rescues. Putting those skills in practice can save life..

    Practicing snow camping with no tent you'll find a wamer night @ 32*f in a snowcave.
    I've been in teens & 20's . I bivy'd in a nasty storm on Mt.Hood while snowshoeing in 2 ft of snow. I had to use my ski poles and snowshoes to fabricate a better roof structure as the snow wasn't stable enough . I was warm and comfy whilst 60 mile an hour winds in blizzard conditions...I awoke to a foot of snow and hiked out unscathed..
    Snow is a great stays about 32*f reguardless the outside temp.

    Another tip is always have a small stove and a large nalgene bottle.
    Simply boil water and fill. Next keep the hot water bottle close to your body core (have a layer of clothing between as you can get burned..!) I like to do this in a sleeping bag to keep those toes warm..
    I used this technique using two water bottles while rescueing a fallen skier in wilderness(hip fracture).Note: I couldn't move the skier due to their injury. I also built a snow shelter around the skier as rescue crews took five hours to get there..

    let's hear your experiences..
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