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Thread: winter camping

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    Sweet Bronco!
    Looks like you guys were set up for a good weekend. Nice wall tent set up. We have stayed in ours three weekends now.
    We had our Timber Tramp 4x4 club Trash Can Turkey Run the 21st. and what a blizzard! 25, snowing hard and high winds. The day started good anyway! Here are some pics of my camp and the turkey run.

    Hmm.. having trouble with pictures.....
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    We did a winter campout with my son's Scout Troop last February up by Paradise Lodge at Mount Rainier. We parked in the lodge parking lot and hiked in about 100 yards to our dig-in area and dug snow caves for a few hours.

    Mine and my son, Nick's went down quite a ways and then in where we hollowed out the cave.

    And inside the cave, here's Nick sitting on his sleep platform:

    Around dinnertime we hiked back to the bathrooms by the lodge, though the lodge itself was locked. The hallway to the bathrooms was unheated, but the boys spent an hour or so warming their hands and drying their gloves with the bathroom hand dryers! We cooked a simple meal (French dip) and then hiked back to our caves for the night.

    It was snowing pretty heavily when we walked over for dinner and was blowing and snowing like crazy as we hiked back. Almost got off track on the way back too! But once inside our caves, it was perfectly quiet. My thermometer read 33 degrees all night. Outside it got down to the low- to mid-20s and snowed 16-18 inches.

    Our Troop does this about every other year. It's exhausting work, digging those caves out, but pretty cool once you're in there.
    -- Tim Taylor
    Port Orchard, Wash.

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