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Thread: first stop on my trip through Europe

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    Default first stop on my trip through Europe

    Hello at all travellers out there! I am currently on the first stop on my trip through Europe in the great capital of Germany – Berlin! I have already been here for about two weeks and in between all the exciting sight-seeing and adventures I experience here I finally found some time to write down my impressions.

    This city is huge! I love it here. Berlin has amazing buildings, the greatest variety of different cultures and interesting people. Every day I explore something new, there is so much going on here! I started my Europe trip in the biggest city of Germany because I am taking a German course Berlin here. This is definitely the perfect way to learn this language and for me a good way to get prepared for the subsequent journey. It also gives me the chance to get to know a lot of open-minded people from Germany and many other countries. I met this German girl who would like to go to Australia soon to improve her language skills. She has not started to plan anything yet though. Can anyone recommend me a particular school for a “Sprachreise Sydney” for her?

    After my classes in Berlin a friend from the UK will join me for the rest of my trip. After Germany (of which we still have to explore Munich and Cologne together) we will go to France and Spain, we do not know which cities exactly yet though. For this we are going to take the Eurail to get from one place to another which I heard is really sufficient for flexible travellers like us. Can anyone tell me their experiences with that?

    I am really excited about all the great things I am going to see on this trip. If anyone has any tips about a city which we have to see while travelling through Europe please let me know!

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    A German woman with an Aussie accent? Now that would be interesting....

    I used to teach English in the Republic of China (on Taiwan). There was a bloke from Australia who simply couldn't find teaching hours because no one could understand him! In all fairness, I couldn't understand much of him either! But even the Canadians had some trouble finding classes to teach because the students all wanted "American" accents. Like there's no variation there, eh?

    Have a nice trip over there. And watch out for the less-than-open-minded Germans that occasionally crop up!
    -- Tim Taylor
    Port Orchard, Wash.

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