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Thread: Cline Buttes OHV and Edsion trails 10-20-12

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    Default Cline Buttes OHV and Edsion trails 10-20-12

    So Gregg and I decided to go check out the Cline Buttes OHV area.
    He was at the Oregon Trail Rally until 1:30 so I met up with him after that at Frog Lake and we headed out.
    After a gas and supplies stop we didn't get there until just before dark so we ran around the open play area a bit and then headed to the hills west of Bend to find a camp spot.
    Got up early and ran around the forest roads in that area (tons of them, you could explore for days) and realized we were close to the Edison trails.
    Made the mistake of deciding to kill some time there for a bit....
    They say 80" width. We have small rigs and were barely squeezing between trees in some spots, my mirrors were folded in most of the day. That with the sharp lava rocks kind of made that trail run a hair on the miserable side. I like tight trails, rubbing doors on trees is a good day, but I don't like buying new tires.
    But once we got so far we just pushed on.
    Got out of there after a broken corner light and some sidewall cuts, plus making the decision that we really had no desire to ever go back (this was my second time there, last time rigs had to roll out on their spares), and headed back to Cline Buttes to check it out some more.

    Pretty fun place. The easy trails are kinda boring as they are just roads pretty much. But the play area has a lot of potential. Played around on the rocks some but I need more lift first before I dig into that anymore.

    A few pics.

    Edison (I didn't get any pics of the tight spots. Maybe Gregg got some better pics)

    Cline Buttes

    That roof top box was the firewood. After camping it was empty so I threw camp stuff in it and tossed it inside to cut highway wind drag a bit (in case you noticed it missing in other pics).
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    Looks like fun........but crap, what was that white stuff?

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    It was fun getting in my first snow run of the season. But not quite deep enough and on the wrong trail..... Spinning a tire on Edison is asking for tire death. Every time I got into the rocks there I was just waiting to hear "Phsssshhh......"

    I think once I lift it Cline could be a bunch of fun though. Saw some lines up through rock ledges I should have no problem on, but currently would hang up too much on.
    I'll be going back there at some point after some mods.
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    Neat pics and report. Nice to see those little SUV's trying out the big boys trails. Very cool.
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    Well I always pushed the Soob to keep up with the built Jeeps that the guys in the clubs I've wheeled with have. I figure I may as well figure out the quirks, strengths, and weaknesses of the Kia as well so I know how to get 110% out of it when needed.
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    Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

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    No problem. Gregg should have some good pics once he has a chance to get them up.
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    Looks like a fun run except of the tire shredding lava rocks, yes the snow is coming.
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    Yeah I'm kinda surprised we didn't have any snow where we were camped. We were up at about 5,000' at the camp spot we found, and had snow coming over Mt. Hood.
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