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Thread: New Rig in the Stable

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    Default New Rig in the Stable

    Well, it isn't mine. My mom picked up a new truck yesterday. Her old Ram was getting worn out, had around 260,000 miles on it. Engine was still strong but transmission was a little wonky and suspensions and driveline parts were starting to go one by one. She dropped over a thousand on it since feb so she decided to upgrade. Got rid of it real quick then set about looking for a new rig. For her towing and ATV hauling purposes, she needed a 3/4 ton long bed. With the rising fuel prices, she chose to go to gas. So we headed out to the used car mecca in Portland yesterday, SE 82nd ave. There was one she had in mind but it was gone so we went to a few different lots and ended up at Atlas Motors, where she picked up a 2003 Silverado 2500 HD with the 6.0L V8. She was even able to get a partial trade on her old Mustang.

    Plans right away are to find a canopy so she can sleep in the back on the longer backroad trips plus I'm going to be installing my old CB in there so she can stay connected. She also wants to get a step or running board since she is 5'5"
    It already has some good A/T tires with a decent amount of tread left plus they're LT tires with plenty of plys for durability off pavement.

    I have a feeling she is going to want to get some real fog lights so there will probably be a lighting upgrade in the future.
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    nice looking truck, friend of mine has a similar truck and it's been real good to him for about 80K miles so far...

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    Nice rig. Looking forward to seeing it in the iron.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nightfoam View Post
    ... there will probably be a lighting upgrade in the future.
    Check out the All-on-High and FTDRL.PDF Easy upgrade to the lights for offroad. A couple dollars for the diodes and heat shrink tube.
    If you plan on offroading it, upgrade the tie rods with sleeves. you don't want to end up like these:

    H2 tierod failure
    Pull Chevy bent tierods

    That 6.0L is not known for fuel efficiency. They like to drink lots. There is no good answer for that but there are a couple Achilles heels to check.
    Oil consumption. Some seem to consume a quart between oil changes with no cure. do make sure that you have the updated PCV. It has a inverse cup and fixed orifice. There is a TSB on this and you should be able to Google more.
    Next, watch those intake gaskets. If you are getting strange things during start up, like a rise in RPM and then stumbling or dying, suspect faulty intake gaskets.
    Take care of the fuel pump. I avoid Tecron and try to add some injector cleaner every other oil change.

    Enjoy it. I really like them and overall they are a pretty darned dependable truck.
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    I have one just like that, except mine is 2wd, and I like it as good as any truck I have ever owned. It should serve her for many years to come........



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