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    I'd like to get a safari rack (of some kind) for my 2009 Toyota 4Runner - just something to strap on an extra gas can, hi-lift, shovel, etc. The Yakima racks look good, but I've read that they "shake off" while driving on washboard roads. Does anyone have direct experience with these? Do they stay on or not? I've also been looking at the Surco racks, but I'm not sure whether you need to buy a separate mounting adapter, or if they bolt-on as-is. Also, I'm not sure how easy they are to remove - I have other things I use my rack for (skis, rocket-box, etc.) so it's not going to be up there forever. Anything else I should be looking at?

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    I've been running a Yakima Load Warrior for a few years now and haven't had any problems. I just would make sure to tighten the rack down good and snug. I love it, especially with all of the practical attachments that Yakima makes for it!

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    I've got a Load Warrior on my Toyota Tacoma. My mounting system is somewhat customized in that instead of mounting the rack on crossbars I bolted it directly to the roof tracks on the SnugTop shell using parts from the crossbar mount I used on my 2000 4Runner. I had some bolts come loose on my last trip, but a lot of other bolts came loose as well. (Most were bolts I installed in a hurry on a storage system I made to put behind the front seats.) Just remembered that I lost one of the bolts on the old mount as well when I had it on the 4Runner. This time I'm putting some blue threadlocker on about all of the fasteners including the rack bolts so we'll see how it goes.

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    I paid $60 shipped for a Coleman Safari basket that is now mounted to the second truck. Over four years of good use and it continues today:

    It carries my spare on top and the awning mounted to the side.

    Made by Bike Racks and Carrier Systems for Cars and Trucks - SportRack® they re-brand them for Coleman, Canadian tire etc.
    Sportrack basket

    Black Widow has a similar basket. Here is one from Discount ramps. Rage powersports basket Looks kinda sporty.
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    The Yakima racks look good, but I've read that they "shake off" while driving on washboard roads.
    Never heard of this or had it happen to me when I had Yakima racks.

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    Thanks for the responses on the Yakima racks - I'll probably end up getting one of those.

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    I have not dealt with a Yakima rack as of yet. We run ARB roof racks and love them. If they do not have a direct application, we can usually fab one up. Had one guy do a 1/2 roll over with one. Besides for scratches, very little damage. You can load the heck out of them too! They have 4 options on them. Seeing as how you can install a roof tent, they hold up to payload very well. You can also pick up mounts for a HighLift and fuel can mounts. The ARB mounts hold up great. We ran them on our Landcruiser for years trouble free.
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